GLOVER MAVIS CORNER: Lee Family gets help in moving forward with redevelopment plans

While the Fort IGA is close to making a comeback with reconstruction now well underway, the fire that destroyed their 35-year-old business has been extremely challenging for the Lee Family. In the short space of a year since the fire, the family has been tested by having to make major life decisions on property, financial and personal matters. When the property owner next door, Eric Woodward, offered to purchase a portion of their redevelopment site, the Lee Family had another difficult decision to make. Woodward owns the former Frontier Hardware site next to the Lee’s proposed retail building at the corner of Glover Road and Mavis Avenue. The new IGA is being built at the corner of Mavis and Church Street. Charlie Lee said “by the time Eric approached us about taking over the retail component of our plans, we were almost exhausted just trying to get the grocery store back up and running”. While the Lee Family welcomed Woodward’s offer to help complete the Glover/Mavis corner, it was still a hard decision, having held ownership to that part of the site for so many years. “After much family discussion,” Lee explains, “we knew we had to focus all our energy and resources on the grocery store.” “As an experienced commercial landlord, Eric has already pointed out to us some things that would make the leased space more attractive to tenants, such as added parking and a proper internal elevator to serve the second floor office space,” Lee noted. Woodward intends to coordinate the redevelopment of the Glover/Mavis corner with his plans for the Frontier lot. Charlie Lee commented that “the Lee Family is happy to announce the sale of the Glover/Mavis corner to our neighbour, Eric Woodward. We know he has the ability to take over this part of our project and include his ideas to make for an even better redevelopment. And now our family can fully concentrate on the work of getting our grocery store built and open as soon as possible.”


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