PUBLIC INPUT: 95% endorse Fort IGA redevelopment plans

Over 350 people viewed the IGA redevelopment plans at the Open House on June 23, 2011

Attendance at the Open House from 4:30 to 8:30 pm on June 23 totaled 352.
162 Comment Forms were submitted representing 183 people. (Some forms were submitted as opinions of more than one person, i.e. couples.) In addition, 11 submissions (14 people) were made regarding the plans via the Web Site (either by email or through the comment feature).
Therefore, written input on plans presented at the Open House was received from 197 people.
Public Opinion on the Plans:Of the 197 people that provided comments, 95.4% (188) indicated support for the plans:
65 described the plans as “great”
29 described the plans as “good”
24 described the plans as “wonderful”, “awesome”, “fantastic” or “excellent”
17 “like” the plans
15 “love” the plans
9 described the plans as “nice”
8 described the plans as “attractive”
and 21 used terms like “outstanding”, “A-OK”, “well done”, “fabulous”, “amazing”, “I approve”, “congratulations”, “just build it”, “look forward to”, “a winner”, “perfect”, “can’t wait”, “fine”, “well designed”, “an enhancement”, or “terrific”.
4.6% (9) questioned the architecture (6), the siting (2) and the new driveway location on Church St (1)

Over 100 people participated in the community planning session on April 7, 2011


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