Open planning session scheduled for community

Members of Lee Family meet with builder, Marco Paolella

On March 21, members of the Lee Family met with their builder, Marco Paolella (Marcon) and architect, Bryce Rositch, and reviewed the input that has been received from the community so far. The archival photographs of authenic early building forms provided by the Langley Township’s staff were also reviewed.
With the understanding that the redevelopment must make sense financially, the family is open to looking at options in planning for a new store.
Robert Lee said “We appreciate all the comments and input that have been given to us including through our web site. In addition to this, we decided at the meeting that we would like to hold a planning session with people from the community. Before we lock in on any specific building plan, we wanted to give everyone an opportunity to share thoughts about the site’s redevelopment.”
Kurt Alberts, a long time friend of the Lee Family, a retired urban and regional planner and thirty year Fort Langleyite has been asked to chair the planning session scheduled for April 7, 2011 from 7 to 9 pm at the Fort Langley Community Hall.
While the session is open to everyone interested, registration is required to help plan tables, chairs, coffee, etc. If you would be willing to spend some time sharing thoughts about the site’s redevelopment please leave a comment on this site with contact information
or email directly:
or phone Kurt Alberts 604-888-4395.


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