Research on heritage character elements underway

On Glover Rd looking toward Bedford Channel 1889 - 1910

The Design Guidelines for Fort Langley suggest that new buildings should relate to the village’s authentic architectural legacy. As part of the planning for the redevelopment of the IGA site, the builder and architect are gathering ideas for facade treatment from the historic photograph collection of the Township’s Museum. The purpose of the guidelines is to encourage new development that complements and enhances the heritage character of the area.
The photograph above shows Glover Road (then Langley Trunk Road until after the W.W.1) sometime between 1898 and before 1910. The Coulter and Berry Store (the current IGA site) is in the right foreground. The Towle Commercial Hotel (in the distance on the right with the two dormer windows) was moved to the other side of the street when the railway came in 1910. A steamboat can be seen on the Bedford Channel in the distance. The barn-like building on the right corner is a blacksmith shop. A very little bit of the Coulter house, mostly the picket fence, can be seen in the front right of the photograph.
The photograph below shows the Coulter family and employees in front of the old Hudson’s Bay Company store that was purchased by David Moss Coulter and partner, John Walter Berry, in 1887, The partnership used it until they built the new one at the corner of Mavis and Glover in 1898 (see photo above).

the first Coulter and Berry Store in the old HBC store

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