History of IGA site shared by Langley pioneer, Bill Marr

Robert Lee gets first hand account of site's history from Bill Marr (right)

Bill Marr is the son of Langley’s first doctor, Dr. Benjamin Marr, and was four years old when a fire destroyed the Coulter Store. Today, Bill was sharing his recollections of the history of the IGA site with Robert Lee who, together with the Lee Family, are in the process of planning the site’s redevelopment.
David Moss Coulter with his partner John W. Berry built a general store on what is now the IGA site around 1898. Coulter ran the store until it was sold in 1923 to F.C. Jones who also had to rebuild the store after a fire burned it down in the late 1920s.
Bill described the Coulter Store as being a large two-story building with its main entrance on Glover and a veranda along the entire south side.
Robert is adding to his knowledge of the site’s history in hopes of incorporating heritage aspects in the design of new construction. The family welcomes the community’s input.
With completion of the clean-up of the site yesterday, the security fencing was also removed.


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